I’d say this obsession started in my teen years [like everything else]. Being one of the few kids that wanted to pursue fashion as a career was laughable. I can remember sitting at lunch with a group of friends and college scouts or whatever the fuck they were came to invade our lives. Once it was my turn to share they dismissed my dreams and told me it wasn’t a sustainable career and it wouldn’t last long. That’s when labeling my career became more important than the craft itself. It kept people off my back. 

This also bled into how I viewed relationships with guys. I felt like if I didn’t have the girlfriend title that meant he didn’t care about me, he was ashamed or I wasn’t enough. Maybe that was the case [who knows], but on a deeper level my ego needed to be stroked, and I thought that being a “girlfriend” made an undefined situation sound better to myself and my peers. 

Validation ruled the majority of my life. Then I grew up and realized that titles don’t mean shit. Why obsess over names that sometimes hold little to no weight. As long as you’re reaching goals you set for yourself, waking up every day happy about whatever you’re doing that’s what matters. If you and that special someone have an undeniable connection, mutual understanding, and respect. Who. Cares. About. A. Title.