Three years ago my mom went to the hospital to pick up a new born. My mom is a foster parent and I wasn’t ready for another baby to be in the house. I was convinced we needed a break from the process of adapting to a new child. Boy did my feelings change when I laid eyes on little Jeremiah. I instantly fell in love with him.

 Before Jeremiah came into my life I could not see myself with children. The thought was so far removed from my mind, I told my mom I’d rather carry a shopping bag than a diaper bag. Harsh? Yes, I know. I was a teenager when I made that statement. Forgive me. Fast forward to right now, my heart swells with joy when I look at him. I smile from ear to ear when we have “conversations” over the phone. To hear the words “I love you Ri’ Ri’” on any given day instantly makes it better. I never knew I could love a little human so much. Sometimes I feel like I birthed him! Imagine that LOL!

 Adopting Jer was not a part of our plan but God saw things differently. My mom and dad saved an innocent child from being bounced around in the system. While I am tapping into my motherly instincts and striving to be a better role model. Thank you for changing my life, Smalls <3.