Disney movies often turn into romantic influences for kids growing up. For me, my fairy tale were my grandparents, Willie & Thelma Smith. They met in a small town in Louisiana called Delhi. Where they got married on the steps of a local pastors’ house in 1954. Sidebar: my Grandpa was eighteen, Granny was seventeen?! Face-palm. At this rate I’m never getting married. Rant over. On December 7th 1957 they moved to sunny California to start their life together…

 Sometimes I forgot my grandparents were married. What I saw was two best friends living together enjoying life. That is where I began to notice the importance of friendship in a relationship. Sharing intimate details about your life, being a helping hand during times of weakness, laughing through life’s mess, appreciating each other’s presence. All of those elements combined topped off with marriage? Can you say BONUS?!

 One more example they’ve shown me is to never fall asleep angry. Of course out of sixty years they’ve had some rough nights. However, their goal was to discuss their issues before going to bed. In my opinion, communication is a major key in life (DJ Khaled’s voice). Keeping that in mind I try to carry that over into all of my relationships.

 Ultimately, Mr. & Mrs. Smith have molded the way I believe my love life should be. Friendship being the core of how my partner and I function, along with unity as the icing on the cake. When you can thug it out through this chaotic world with your best friend, you are truly winning.