One of my Instagram followers by the name of Lashawn Saunders sent me a message the other day. She asked me if I quit modeling. That was a great question to ask because it gave me a chance to provide clarity for her, and anyone else who is wondering the same thing. Here’s what I told her:

“ Hey! I’m actually no longer a model. I’d still do work if it was paid but no I am not a model anymore. Half way through that journey I did get discouraged. But as it was coming to an end I was starting to realize I like to do my own thing. Meaning subconsciously I would tell my agent how I wanted to be marketed, instead of letting her do her job. I feel like it boxed my creativity and that didn’t make me too happy. I enjoy dressing up and taking photos for sure. I don’t think that will change, but now I have complete control over what I’m doing and it feels good :).”

From the age of fourteen to twenty-one I considered modeling to be my passion. Although I had been signed to an agency, walked down runways, and got published in magazines. There was something that wasn’t clicking. After a while, I stopped booking jobs and got so discouraged that I decided to quit. Letting a few weeks go by I decide to get back into the groove. Still nothing. It wasn’t until the summer of 2013 I realized modeling wasn’t my passion. Being free to create whatever my heart desired is what got my adrenaline pumping.

 Having my blog gives me the ability to share my vision with everyone. Whether it be through images, visuals or words. I can let go of emotional turmoil, spiralling thoughts, and childhood nightmares on my platform. And let me tell you, every time I finish a post I swear I feel relieved. It’s kind of like therapy without the bill! LOL. What I’m saying is — once you find the thing that makes you nervous, happy, excited, fulfilled, proud, or even at a loss of words…DON’T STOP DOING THAT THING!

My transition was rocking in the beginning, but I caught my own wave and I’ve been riding it ever since.