ALIGNMENT baby dreams + a tarot card reading...

Life has been interesting to say the least. In two weeks I’ve had two recurring dreams about being pregnant, and I got a tarot card reading for the first time. The weird thing about it is that both are in alignment with each other. I”ll start with the dream…

DREAM #1: I’m not sure if I was in a make believe world or somewhere on earth. What I can remember is looking at my stomach and seeing a bump. It startled me because I had been walking around with it for a while. I immediately began looking for ways to abort it. Because…how? Why am I pregnant? Who impregnated me?  What the fuck is happening? Get it out now. It wasn’t until I woke up that I questioned if it was an actual baby or something else.

TAROT CARD READING: Thank God for the gentle soul that is Amber Quinn. She made me feel so comfortable from beginning to end. Before jumping into my astrology chart she cleared the energy with sage or palo santo (I forgot what was lit).  My career was #1 on the list of things I wanted to know. She picked up her cards, shuffled until I said stop, then read my life *insert emoji*. Here’s a few things she said:

  1. This year will continue to get better.
  2. Traveling is essential for my line of work + growth. Without it I feel stuck.
  3. Putting myself out there is more important than caring about what someone else thinks.
  4. There is a significant person in my life that I will make art with and learn from.
  5. Around late October, early November theres gonna be a shift in my career. 

DREAM #2: This time around I was definitely earthbound. Wearing my pregnancy with pride I danced around my dream trying to show off my bump to anyone that would pay attention. Every time I saw my reflection I would stare with the most loving look in my eyes. For some reason I had long hair which made no sense at all, but the red gown I wore complemented my glow. Coming out of the dream I felt different — Excitement replaced confusion + fear.

How does this correlate? 

I’ve been on my own/actively creating the life I want to live since February (5 months ago), and both of my dreams have happened since then. Considering what Amber said about my career shifting in Oct/Nov would bring me to the 8/9 month mark. Typically around the time a woman would give birth to a child. Crazy right?!

Although I don’t know exactly what I’ll be giving life to, I can say I’m excited to be nurturing and developing something for my future. Whether it be a personal project, new idea, or an unfulfilled goal I am going to enjoy every part of the process. The way that life is flowing lets me know I’m pointed in the right direction, timing is everything, and what is for you will be just that.